Daytona Therapeutic Massage Clinic Pricelist



Daytona Massage Pricelist

Some types of insurance are accepted. Please call and talk to our friendly staff for more information on getting massage with your health insurance.

  • Swedish/Deep Tissue/Sports/Neuromuscular/Swe Thai/Pregnancy Massage/Medical Massage
  • This full body classical swedish massage features light to medium pressure using a varierty of techniques at the therapist disposal. Swedish massage is used to relax and rejuvinate the body. Swedish massage will assist in improved circulation and lymph flow allowing the tension to slowly melt away and loosen those tired and sore muscles. You can add aromatherapy, salt scrub and body treatments to swedish massage just ask your therapist before you start. Deep tissue massage is medium to heavy pressure to releave pain from over worked muscles.
    30 mins - $45.00 USD
    60 mins - $75.00 USD
    90 mins - $120.00 USD

    Special geranium rose and sage Foot Salt Scrub $30.00 USD. This treatment takes approx 30 minutes.

  • ETPS (Electro Therapuetic Point Stimulation)
  • This accutherapy is amazing on post surgical scars within 4 to 6 treatments scar can permanetly be freed up all that will be left behind is discoloration from the scar. This therapy can be done anywhere on the body consult a therapist for details. more...
    15 - 20 mins - $50.00 USD

  • Couples Massage
  • This massage option allows both couples to be massaged at the same time in the same room. This full body classical swedish massage features light to medium pressure using a varierty of techniques at the therapist disposal. Swedish massage is used to relax and rejuvinate the body. more...
    60 mins - $150.00 per couple USD
    90 mins - $180.00 per couple USD

  • Hot Stone Massage
  • The Ultimate in Relaxation. Heated stone combined with oiled massage allows the restoration of balance and well being. Warm stones are placed on the back, hands, hips, and between toes as you melt away allowing the heat to penetrate deep into the tense tired muscles. Then the stones are used in conjuction with swedish massage strokes to work all the tension and stress from your body allowing energy to flow, invigorate the spirit, mind and body.
    60 mins - $85.00 USD
    90 mins - $130.00 USD

  • Ion Foot Bath
  • This foot bath treatment is done while seated. Your feet are emersed in normal hot water, a micro electrical ion charge is applied to the body and lets the detoxification begin. Don't be alarmed if the water turns to mud as all the toxins are removed from the body. This treatment should be done in a series of at least three sessions. The therapist will show you all the harmful minerals that are removed from your system.
    (1)30 min session - $25.00 USD
    (3)30 min sessions - $55.00 USD
    (6)30 min sessions - $90.00 USD

  • Seaweed or French Mud Body Wrap
  • Your lightly massaged as your wisked away into enjoyment for the body. Your detoxification begins with the application of Seaweed or French Mud as you are wrapped in layers and heated by blankets. Your skin is left rejuvinated and silky smooth which will last several days. Need to look and feel great for that someone special, then this is the treatment for you.
    50 mins - $65.00 USD

  • Paraffin Wax Hand Treatment
  • This can be added to any treatment. As you dip your hands into melted parafin wax your arthritis pain will be soothed. Those rough hands will melt to silky smooth feeling allowing the body to absorb the heat and loosen constrictions. Treatment will add 15 mins to your session.
    15 mins - $20.00 USD

    Treatment Addons

  • Aromatherapy
  • Stimulate the senses and relax at the same time while receiving a Swedish style massage. In Stock for purachase to take home as well. Over 60 different aromas to choose from and blends are also available upon request.
    Simple Oils such as peppermint, orange, lavender -
    $10.00 USD

    Or Choose
    Premium Oils such as hyssop, chamomile, bergamont or custom blends -
    $20.00 USD

  • French Mud Mask
  • Revitalize hydrates and Detoxes the skin by using a seaweed mud detox a great add on to a Swedish style massage.
    $18.00 USD

  • Reiki Energy Work
  • Enjoy the stress relief and incredible feeling of your massage with a calming focus on breath and a sense of well being
    $25.00 USD

  • Hot Shower
  • Enjoy a hot shower before/after your massage. Included at no extra cost for mud/salt treatments.
    $6.00 USD

    Chair Massage

    Fully clothed option to back pain relief. Chair massage is done in a seated position focusing mainly on back, neck and arms. Allowing you to focus more clearly and be more productive. Great for Corporate Parties, social dinners, and that quick pick me up to let you make it through a rough day.
    10 min session $10.00 USD
    Corporate packages available upon request.

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  • FSMTA membership established 2008
  • Holly Hill Chamber of Commerce member since 2009