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Essential Oils

Daytona Beach Essential Oils

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Amber Resin FO (15ml 1/2oz)
Amber is not a pure essential oil but a fragrance oil and is a highly sought-after fragrance, with i..
Ex Tax: $7.48
Anise (15ml 1/2oz)
(Illicum verum) Its warm, spicy odor will remind you immediately of licorice. Use in small quantites..
Ex Tax: $3.21
Basil (15ml 1/2oz)
(ocimum basilicum) Sweet, green top notes and spicy, licorice undertones. First choice for relieving..
Ex Tax: $8.19
Benzoin (15ml 1/2oz)
(Styrax benzoin) Vanilla top notes and molasses, balsamic undertones.  The "cuddly" essential o..
Ex Tax: $11.90
Bergamont (15ml 1/2oz)
(Citrus bergamia) Sweet lemon fresh top notes and warm, floral undertones.  The "sunny" essenti..
Ex Tax: $6.17
Birch Sweet (15ml 1/2oz)
(Salicylate ester) Sweet, sharp, minty scent that is very fresh and similar to Wintergreen. An effec..
Ex Tax: $5.85
Black Pepper Oil (15ml 1/2oz)
(Piper nigrum) Hot, spicy, fiery top notes and warm sharp, woody undertones. One of the best stimula..
Ex Tax: $10.47
Cedarwood  Oil (15ml 1/2oz)
(Cedrus deodora) Tuprentine, woody, camphorlike top notes and deep, sweet balsamic undertones. Famil..
Ex Tax: $4.58
Cinnamon Leaf (15ml 1/2oz)
(Cinnanonum zeylanicum) Fiery, harsh, spicy notes.  Excellent in a diffuser to ward of colds, f..
Ex Tax: $4.64
Clary Sage (15ml 1/2oz)
(Salvia sclaria)  Sweet, musky green top notes and nutty, almosy floral undertones.  The m..
Ex Tax: $16.10
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