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Male Massage therapy

Daytona Male Massage therapy is for the male that wishes to be stress and pain free in normal day to day life. The pain release and stress reduction will help in sleep and functional movement. The sleek silky smooth feeling one gets after having a salt scrub will increase the sensativity for various sexual arousal points on the body. Experience a whole new you with your sex partner.
Full body total relaxation male massage. Combining classic Swedish relaxation and stretching with a soft sensual touch. Long slow strokes that glide over your body to revitalize, replenish and relax. Along with your feedback I do my best to bring your body into better harmony to lead a more productive life. My intensity will vary at your request.
Male massage is not just for those that want to relax it can relieve pain from the everyday hardship of work without all the necessary pain medication you would take otherwise. Deep tissue male massage can go in and place the muscles in your back into their orginal state. This will allow for the pain receptors to relax and the pain to subside. After a long and grueling day. A massage can be just the ticket. Male massage can show you just how nice it can be to live pain free without the pills.
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