Florida Cheap YETI Rambler Tumbler 30oz-Powder Coated-Blue Candy- Florida Gators Logo

You are viewing an authentic and brand new Cheap YETI cups 30oz Tumbler shown.

Available in Custom Powder Coated Blue Candy with Florida Gators Logo.

The listing includes the new, authentic tumbler, with Yeti lid. It is powder coated and cured completely. The decals are indoor/outdoor die cut vinyl. The finish is extremely durable. However, it still must be handled appropriately. If dropped or scraped against other sharp or metal objects, it can scratch or chip.
Made of dual lined stainless steel, this tumbler will keep your hands the temperature they need to stay while keeping your drink as hot or cold as it was intended! We have taken the wonderful technology of YETI and improved upon it by customizing it to a more personal reflection of the owner!!

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