Daytona Deep Tissue Massage



Daytona Deep Tissue Massage techniques

  • What to expect from a Daytona Deep Tissue Massage
  • Once you arrive at NewAgeTouch the first thing that you will be given as a new client is an intake form. Daytona Deep Tissue massage will require the therapist to do more communication with the patient than more traditional relaxation massage modalities. This form will ask for a history of any medical ailments that the deep tissue massage therapist should be aware of that would affect the deep tissue massage given.

    Once you have completed the intake form as a new client the therapist will go over the form and any questions that he/she may have will be asked then. If you have specific areas that you would like to have concentrated on or areas that you would like to have avoided now is the best time to make sure your therapist knows. Additional communication will be required to make sure your pain threshold has not been exceeded as each patient is unique.

    Deep Tissue Therapeutic MassageOnce you enter the treatment room you will be shown where you can store your clothes and shoes. How to start with placement on the table and asked if you need any assistance getting on to the table. The height of the table is so that the therapist can do the best work on you without hurting the therapist. If a step stool is needed simply ask. The height will vary from therapist to therapist.

    You will be left in the room to disrobe and get under the top sheet of the linen on the massage table. While massage is best give when the patient is nude. You only need to disrobe to your comfort level. For females removing the bra will assist the therapist in being able to provide the best possible work on the back. If you like you can leave your bra on and ask the therapist to unhook as needed and replace once the work is completed on the back.

  • Now the Daytona deep tissue massage can start.
  • It is very important to communicate with your therapist during your treatment because each patient has a different level of pain tolerance and the therapist is unable to feel what you feel. The therapist will be giving you a drink of water in which you should partake. The reason for this is that once a massage has been given it moves all types of fluids and toxins throughout the body. The body will naturally want to expell these toxins. You may experience dry mouth. Some forms of mild dehydration can occur. You can within 48 hours from getting a massage experience headaches or muscular soreness. The intake of additional water needs to happen if you experience these issues.

  • After the Daytona deep tissue massage treatment.
  • Pain from this type of massage can be experienced up to three days after the massage. This is normal and once the pain is gone a feeling of comfort and relief is normally felt.

    Why are you feeling this pain or discomfort? Because usually the therapist has tried to break up muscular adhesions in the tissues or has put muscles back where the body intended them to be but has compensated because of poor posture or some sort of dysfunction.

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