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Travell’s First Tape Introduction

Janet Travell’s first tape covering an introduction to Trigger Point therapy. Muscle pain assessment of myofascial pain must be palpated to determine a course of treatment, when you find a trigger point or taught band within the muscle you can … Continue reading

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Achilles tendon Pinch Test

Achilles tendon Pinch Test –  – How to perform test: This test is helpful to discriminate between Achilles tendon disorders and retrocalcaneal bursitis. The client is prone during this test. The therapist squeezes the sides of the tendon superior to … Continue reading

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Massage for the Critically Ill Patient

Massage is in the forefront of treatment for the critically Ill patients. Many times the patient will have conditions that would be contraindicated for a normal patient. However, by adjusting your treatment for the intent and delivery of touch therapy there … Continue reading

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Massage Contraindication

Massage is not a cure-all, how many times should one publicize that one. Massage, however, is safe and beneficial for everyone including infants and the elderly. Sometimes though massage can be counter productive for both the therapist and the patient. … Continue reading

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Professional Ethics Massage therapy

Professional Ethics for Massage therapy, the statement alone provokes a sense of dignity. Appearance always has a lot to do with how someone perceives you. The appearance in any case is how the massage therapist looks and dresses when providing … Continue reading

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