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New Products Introduced!

Shea Butter Lotion for massage therapy. It’s great for rough dry skin such as hands and feet. It includes all national Shea Butter from Africa. Shea Butter is used to repair and heal dry ash like skin and can be … Continue reading

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Thai Massage

In thai massage much like the chinese the thai massage concerns itself with over 72,000 meridan points on the body. Those points are concentrated on channels and those channels are mainly blocked in the modern person in America. Thai massage … Continue reading

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Systems of Massage

Massage systems and methods of today, descend from the Swedish, German, French, English, Chinese, and Japanese systems. The Most popular of these being Swedish. The Swedish system is based on the western concepts of anatomy and physiology. Swedish uses strokes … Continue reading

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Modern Massage techniques

The development of Modern Massage techniques in the early part of the nineteenth century was a well respected English surgeon and a practitioner of chirurgy. Chirurgy is defined as healing with the hands. Per Henrik Ling of Smaaland, Sweden, has … Continue reading

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