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Effects of massage on the muscular system

Massage benefits the muscular system in development by stimulating the circulatory system, stimulating the nervous system sensory neurons, and stimulating cell activity. Regular massage in a standard interval will tone, firm and make muscles more flexible. Massage is also effective … Continue reading

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Massage time and money

A role in your massage therapy business will be time and money a testament to your professional relationship with a patient. The client is late for an appointment what do you do? The client expects a full 50 minutes on … Continue reading

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Professional Ethics Massage therapy

Professional Ethics for Massage therapy, the statement alone provokes a sense of dignity. Appearance always has a lot to do with how someone perceives you. The appearance in any case is how the massage therapist looks and dresses when providing … Continue reading

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Boundaries of Massage

Boundaries of Massage – Any discussion of professionalism and a massage practice must include an understanding of boundaries, both personal and professional. Boundaries distinguishones personal comfort zone, those of US decent have must larger personal boundaries than those of European … Continue reading

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Therapeutic Massage Procedures

This article is written to augment the basic massage procedures with those of the medical or therapeutic procedures. These procedures should simply be added to those that are used for the basic massage that is given for relaxation. But, as … Continue reading

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