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Journey through Travell-Trigger Point Training

I find myself in the midst of Travell and Simons Trigger Point Therapy Video Tape Library. What a wealth of information presented by physicians that work in myofascial Pain therapy. Truly, a massage therapist’s holly grail of treatment techniques. If … Continue reading

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Senator Dodd Conference Call with Doctors for Healthcare Reform

These are simply notes that I took during a conference call with Senator Dodd co-sponsored by Doctors for Health care Reform and the CWA. Which are sponsoring a bill in Congress for healthcare reform. Their goal is to give health care to all … Continue reading

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Florida CEUs Needed to renew your license

With all the new rules in effect about having to get 12 hands on hours and 12 general CEUs for the 2 year renewal period their has been confusion even for those that are providing the CEUs. For those people … Continue reading

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Injury assessment (Being a private eye)

The patient presented with shoulder pain from a car accident that happened 3 months ago. The patient said that he had been to a physician and no diagnosis was given because nothing wrong could be found. Nevertheless, the pain persisted … Continue reading

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Active Range of Motion verses Passive Range of Motion

The difference between Active Range of Motion testing and passive Range of Motion is primarily the difference between the patient assisting you and being fully relaxed. Active Range of Motion is when you are constantly checking in with the patient … Continue reading

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