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Massaging people with cancer

Until lately massaging people with cancer was considered to be contraindicated because of the fear of spreading the cancer to other regions of the body through the movements of interstitial fluids, lymph fluids and blood.  Several pioneers have come forward … Continue reading

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Massage Contraindication

Massage is not a cure-all, how many times should one publicize that one. Massage, however, is safe and beneficial for everyone including infants and the elderly. Sometimes though massage can be counter productive for both the therapist and the patient. … Continue reading

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Massage therapy educational requirements

Massage therapy educational requirements – Educational requirements vary from state to state you can find those requirements in the Massage Magazine along with the number of practicing therapist in that state usually in the back of the magazine published monthly.  … Continue reading

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Basic Contraindications of Massage

Above all else our moto is just like that of a Doctors DO NOT HARM. So with this is mind this article is devoted to the basic indications that the massage therapist must watch out for when practicing massage.  Contraindications … Continue reading

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