Massage Therapist

Massage therapistWhat defines a massage therapist. Someone who is bound by ethics in what once was a very shady profession. A massage therapist is someone who wants to help people live a richer and fuller life devoid of the muscle pain one can endure from the grind of daily life.

In the beginning of training most schools in the western community will start with the Swedish modality and allow a therapist to add to there school once licensed or certified. In the state of Florida one does have to be licensed by the department of health. The department of labor places massage practitioners in the high risk arena because massage if not done properly can hurt themselves very easily. Body mechanics can if done correctly can extent the life of a massage therapist well beyond the 2 year burn out that can occur.

State of Florida currently has approximately 25,000 massage therapists that are licensed. The state requires that a minimum of 500 hours be completed along with the NCETMB certification. You have to renew your license in the state of Florida once every two years in August on the odd numbered years.  You also have to present proof of accomplishing twenty-five (25) Continuing Educational Units (CEU)s during this time to renew your license.

Although not required it’s recommended that you also carry malpractice insurance of approx 1million dollars and joining various organizations and groups this cost per year is not too expensive.

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