National Exam Prep and Practice Tests

Latest information: Florida is now accepting 2 different tests for licensure. So now is the time to be prepared to take either test and I have provided over 1600 questions in various  tests banks which allow you to prepare for either test that is used for licensure.


Now in Beta Testing is our examprep enviroment which is much more informative and instantly allows you to see how you are progressing through the test as it scores the test and shows you the incorrect answers as you progress through the test.

We are offering this FREE as a free service while we are in Beta Testing, and reviewing the questions for accuracy. Once this has been accomplished we will be moving it to it’s own domain and charge a nominal fee to access the question data bank. We welcome any comments or if you see typos in the questions or answers. Please email me at so I can correct any issues. Typing out all these questions and answers was very time consuming.

Register for a free account and the system will instantly email you a password to access the system.

Now is the time to start preparing to pass the national exam so that you can be licensed. Especially due to the fact that to take the test costs so much money.  How can anyone afford not to pass the test. I have been assembling test questions from various sources to aid me in passing the national exam.

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  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for the sample test question will help me get better prepared.

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