Functions of the Skin

1. Protection  – the skin protects the body form injury and bacterial invasion. The outermost layer of the epidermis is covered with a thin layer of sebum, which keeps us waterproof.

2. Sensation – Through its sensory nerve endings the skin responds to heat, cold, touch, pressure,and pain. A minor burn or cut is more sensative than a deep burn or cut which servers the nevers to the dermis layer.

3. heat regulation – The healthy body maintains a contstant internal temperature of 98.6 for the  average adult as changes in the outside temperature changes the blood and sweat glands make adjustments. Heat is lot by the evaporation of sweat.

4. excretion – perspiration form the sweat glands is excreted from the skin.

5. cecretion – sebum is secreted by the sebaceous gland.

6. absorbtion – is limited but does occur. Only certain substances applies in a face cream can enter the body through the skin.


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