E-stim or Electrical Stimulation

For years pain management has been using Electrical Stimulation of muscles or E-stim for short to reduce or eliminate pain so people can enjoy every day life. E-stim uses AC or alternating  current to jostle or push the receptors of pain out of phase with the body and therefore eliminate the pain that one receives in the brain.  This may be an over simplification of the whole process but you should be able to get the point that I am trying to get at. Once again, western medicine is string to hide the symptoms instead of curing the problem. 

E-stim units are widely available on the internet and at various medical outlets. Insurance with assistance from your medical professional deeming it medically necessary will even pay for such units.

Again, they will for a short term mask the pain in the body and let you resume normal activities. However, in the long run the body will adapt (The amazing machines that we are) and no longer be able to mask th pain that we have.

This article is just a background for the article I am currently writing on ETPS or Electro Therapeutic Point Stimulation where a Massage therapist in Florida is allowed to apply to the body in their scope of practice.

Amazing are the affects of DC current when applied to the correct locations in the human body. Since the body uses DC current naturally to control the actions we take via muscle contraction. Allowing a therapist to go after the root of the cause and fix the problem rather than the symptom.

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2 Responses to E-stim or Electrical Stimulation

  1. maria ward says:

    Have you ever completed a follow up study on the use of e-stim by LMTs? Would love to see the link.

  2. greg says:

    Several ETPS studies have been done in a clinical setting. You can visit the ETPS website for additional information. Many of the PT’s in our area have caught on to apply this to patients for better recovery results. Blocking us from preforming it via prescription because they can also perform it under there scope of practice and get reimbursed by the insurance companies.

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