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Reflexology found to aid in treatment of Cancer

With roots in ancient Egypt, China, and Japan, the art of reflexology is a healing and relaxation technique that has stood the test of time and is familiar to many today. Found on treatment menus in world-class spas and on … Continue reading

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E-stim or Electrical Stimulation

For years pain management has been using Electrical Stimulation of muscles or E-stim for short to reduce or eliminate pain so people can enjoy every day life. E-stim uses AC or alternating  current to jostle or push the receptors of … Continue reading

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October 2008—Ginger (Zingiber officinalis)

Ginger is a spice which is used in cooking, most commonly in Asian cooking, in the form of peeled and sliced portions of the root of the Ginger plant.  The Essiantial Oil used in aromatherapy is steam distilled from unpeeled, … Continue reading

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Physiological effects of Massage

When the massage therapist skillfully applies the art of massage in an effective manner which effects the structures and functions of the body. The specific effects of massage will indeed vary from therapist to therapist and the intent in which … Continue reading

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Japanese Tsubo and shiatsu

The practice of massage therapy or anmo massage methods in the Japanese culture started in the six century A.D. The Japanese called the points that the Chinese has taught about but for the most part were called tsubo point in … Continue reading

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