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Exotic Bamboo Fusion ® Massage

  • What is Exotic Bamboo Fusion® Massage
  • Exotic Bamboo Fusion® Massage

    Exotic Bamboo Fusion® Massage is a new exotic style of massage. It is an extremely relaxing and ecologically friendly therapeutic massage using natural bamboo. The bamboo is heated for maximum results and used in conjunction with the therapists hands as tools during the massage to promote well being and relaxation. The massage therapist utilizes various size tools while doing either a swedish style or deep tissue style massage on the client. The use of Bamboo allows for a more uniform feel for the client when getting into smaller areas like the neck and/or working trigger points. Both the client and the therapist can appreciate the advantages of a Bamboo Fusion® massage.

    Bamboo is a natural resouce from mother earth and is a rapidly renewable source of wood. The tools are made by compressing shredded bamboo together to form each tool. Japanese, Chinese and Indonesian legends thrive with stories symbolizing Bamboo as energy, sexuality and fertility, prosperity and longevity. Most fresh Japanese seafood is sold wrapped in Bamboo leaf to extend its shelf life and minimize odor. Due to the texture of the Bamboo when used on the body it creates a toning effect.

    The client can experience the following effects:

      Extreme sensation of relaxation and well-being

      Reduction of tension

      Makes skin more supple

      Relieves tightness in muscles and tendons

      Stimulates the flow of blood and lymph

      Regenerates, revitalizes and relaxes the body and mind

    A warm Bamboo massage can be done in 60 and 90 minute sessions.

    As with any massage, the intake of water after the massage is key due to the release of toxins throughout the body. The effects of the massage will last longer when a client stays hydrated and washes the toxins from their body.

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